Texas State Capitol under construction


Michael SchmidtJanuary 6, 2019

Welcome to Notes From a Limestone Ledge, the blog for Local Memory: A History of Music in Austin!

Local Memory is an ongoing history project and will entail continuous historical research. Since it may take some time for the things we find to appear as part of an exhibit, Notes From a Limestone Ledge will present some of our material first, often in a much earlier and rawer form. A purposefully organic display of how our understanding of Austin music history develops, it will offer readers an opportunity to get a sense of future narratives and content, while also showing how our ideas may change over time.

The blog will also be a place to highlight archival discoveries and new oral histories. Our posts will be previews of things to come, deep dives into individual photographs or recordings, or presentations of curious odds and ends. Please come back to see the new stuff we are finding!

Photo credit: Texas State Capitol under construction, Austin, 1880s. PICA 18650, Austin History Center.